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“I appreciate people who enjoy my paintings and let the paintings speak for themselves.” So begins and ends an interview with the artist. Gordon Brown. Though short on titles and descriptions, his paintings speak for him volumes about the American landscapes he relishes.

Gordon’s first art invitational appearance occurred more than half his life ago in his native Grand Junction Colorado. Since that event nearly thirty years ago, Gordon has had numerous sold out one-man shows and headlined many group shows. Gordon’s work has become the pride of important art collections including that of the Denver Art Museum.
Of the number of awards presented to him, winning of the Arts for the Parks Invitational was most rewarding. In celebration of the Grand Canyon National Park’s 75 th anniversary, some 360 paintings were submitted for review including Gordon’s Grand Prize winner, “Breaking of Light”. 

The soothing elements of Gordon’s paintings are a mere reflection of his life as a soft-spoken family man of great Faith. The abstract compositional elements, combined with old world glazing techniques, illustrate the dedication and passion he has toward his lifelong profession.